Being involved in the local community is a very important part of my business. For years I've had the pleasure of getting involved with many local sports teams. In 2020, I grew my number of involvements from 2 to 6 teams. In 2021, this grew again from 6 teams to 11. I'm excited to add more! 

I'm thrilled to sponsor the Unionville Slow Pitch League masters and open division, the winter Unionville Touch Football League, York Flag Football League, the East Toronto Touch Football League, Winter Football League and Scarborough over 50 Softball league. I'm looking forward to getting involved with even more leagues in 2022!

Last year, I was able to continue my goal to help grow financial literacy throughout the GTA. I was able to do a presentation to 3 elementary grade 8 classes in Stouffville. I was also honoured to do a presentation for the entire Queens Football team. 


I am very happy I got involved with the Blue Mountain 24/7 Relay race. Really missed not being able to attend the relay race for the Special Olympics. Last year, we raised over 100k. Looking forward to next year.

Sponsoring a local sports team.

Community involvement photo 3

Sponsoring a local sports team.